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Silas’ Brother | Kathy May & Silas

Silas’ Brother

Yves Terence Wang

Yves is Silas’ younger brother by three years. They have similar interests, including tinkering, electronics, computers, and biotechnology. Yves followed in Silas’ footsteps by attending Harvard College and majoring in biomedical engineering, but he then earned a Ph.D. in the field from Cleveland Clinic / Case Western. Click here for his LinkedIn profile.

While in Ohio, Yves met his future wife, Megan. They were wed in 2014, and Silas was Yves’ best man. Currently, Yves is a postdoctoral associate and Megan is a family medicine resident in upstate New York.

Yves and Megan's Wedding 12 - The Groom and Best Man


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