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Paper Flowers | Kathy May & Silas

Paper Flowers

I first discovered the craft of paper flowers when my mom and I made a paper flower bouquet for me and a paper rose boutonniere for Silas for our marriage ceremony.  Since that first experiment, I’ve continued making paper flowers, improving my technique, and developing new designs. Please click on the photos below for some examples!

I love the look of old paperback book pages. Initially I scoured Goodwill and Salvation Army for literary classics that I’ve read because I liked the idea of eternalizing beautiful and meaningful pieces of writing into my crafts. Upon further thought, I’ve realized that doing so also takes valuable classics out of circulation! Now I leave those alone and just use any old books.

Please try making your own paper flowers in our How-To series, links below. Then, please share your comments and creations in the Comments section below!

Paper Flowers: Introduction
Paper Flowers: Part 1 – Make the Petals
Paper Flowers: Part 2 – Coming soon….!

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