NYC Easter Day Bonnet Parade 2016

Every Easter, New Yorkers of all types – spectators, artists, fashionistas, exhibitionists, and normal folk (and their dogs and children) – gather along Fifth Avenue in the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival. The event itself is more of an entertainingly spirited gathering than a parade or festival, as there is no procession or organization. Instead, spring and Easter enthusiasts assemble to laugh, meet, and admire the ornate, elaborate, and sometimes outlandish headwear of strangers. Continue reading NYC Easter Day Bonnet Parade 2016

“The Bittersweetness of Medical School Match Day”

By Kathy May Tran

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Friday was Match Day.

At 12 noon EST, medical students all over the United States simultaneously opened envelopes which revealed the destination of their residency training. The tradition is an exhilarating and emotional event for everyone involved. For medical students, it is a milestone that symbolizes a dramatic life change and a new adventure. It marks the culmination of years of hard work, the end of one thing and the beginning of another. For me, Match Day was an opportunity to reflect upon the difficulty of my medical school years and how those struggles changed my professional and personal life for the better. Continue reading “The Bittersweetness of Medical School Match Day”

This Week’s CSA: 3/17/16

This week we have spring garlic, Fuji apples, Little Gem lettuce, medium green peppers, parsnips, and grape tomatoes. As with last week, the local farm produce is supplemented with produce grown in Florida since not much is growing here yet, though it is starting to get warmer! You may remember that green garlic was in one of our first CSA boxes last year. It is not-quite-ripe garlic with a stalk that is also edible and a bulb that does not need to be peeled. It’s like a cross between garlic and scallion. Can’t wait to try it! Continue reading This Week’s CSA: 3/17/16

FIRST Robotics Competition 2016: NYC Regional

We attended the For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology (FIRST) Robotics Competition this weekend at the Javits Center with our good friends Matt, Jocelyn, and Yuri. In this challenge, high school-aged students from all over the world have six weeks to design, build, and program stellar robots and then bring them to competition. The New York City Regional featured 200 teams from the New York tri-state area, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Turkey, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Winners at this level advance to the global competition. Continue reading FIRST Robotics Competition 2016: NYC Regional

This Week’s CSA: 3/10/16

Very little produce is harvested during the winter until April (mesclun and parsnips are the earliest), so the contents of our colorful CSA box this week either comes from storage or from non-local farmers (i.e., Florida). Still delicious! We have cherry bomb peppers, French breakfast radishes, baby bok choi, Mutsu (AKA Crispin) apples, red onions, green peppers, lacinato (AKA black) kale, and orange carrots. These radishes are new to us! They are an heirloom variety that is sweet, mild, and can be eaten plain as a bite-sized snack. Continue reading This Week’s CSA: 3/10/16

CSA Highlight: Romanesco

This week’s CSA food box featured a vegetable that we had never seen or heard of before – Romanesco. It’s in the same family as broccoli and cauliflower, and you can definitely see the resemblance. Looking closer, you can see the fascinating fractal structure where the spirals are made up of smaller spirals which are themselves made up of even smaller spirals. Continue reading CSA Highlight: Romanesco

3D Origami: Part 1 – Fold the Component Pieces

3D Origami: Introduction
3D Origami: Part 1 – Fold the Component Pieces
3D Origami: Part 2 – Make a Ring Base
3D Origami: Part 3 – Coming Soon!


My initial familiarity with origami was a single paper square folded into typical figures such as cranes, fortune tellers, and jumping frogs. In actuality, origami is a diverse art form and there are many types. For example, 3D origami, also known as modular or unit origami, uses identical component folded papers that are assembled into a more complex structure. Continue reading 3D Origami: Part 1 – Fold the Component Pieces