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DIY Doggie Wrap (or Baby Wrap)

Click here to watch our DIY doggie wrap in action – featuring Mimi!

Mothers hailing from different cultures on every continent have been “wearing” babies upon their own bodies for centuries. Traditionally, baby-wearing is a convenient and pragmatic method to keep track of little ones, while continuing activities of daily life and maintaining the intimacy of mother and child.


Nowadays in North America, baby-carrying cloths are trendy accessories that are marketed under brands like Moby WrapBoba Wrap, and Baby K’Tan. But why limit baby-wearing slings, wraps, and carriers to human babies? We decided to make our own wrap… for our pup Mimi! Continue reading DIY Doggie Wrap (or Baby Wrap)

Mimi’s Doggie Door

One of Mimi’s favorite pastimes is getting a breath of fresh air on our balcony. She puts her tiny head between the posts of the balcony and enjoys the spectacular view as much as we do! Recently, however, because our balcony gets quite a few gusts at this height, we have installed a wind barrier to protect our potted garden. Unfortunately, this barrier prohibits Mimi’s 20cm-high view of our 25th-story vista. Here’s our design solution: a tiny laser-cut door to give Mimi an unobstructed view!

Mimi is a happy, peppy pup and the theme we chose was equally fun and playful. For the basics of the main design Continue reading Mimi’s Doggie Door

Laser-Cut Lunar New Year Rooster Cards

Happy Lunar New Year! Year 2017 is the Year of the Rooster! To welcome in the Lunar New Year (called Tết in Việt and 新年 in Chinese), we made Rooster greeting cards to fill red envelopes (called lì xì in Vietnamese, hong bao in Mandarin, lai see in Cantonese). In our cultures, these red envelopes represent good luck and are distributed to children and unmarried individuals. We deviated from tradition in that Continue reading Laser-Cut Lunar New Year Rooster Cards

Magic Mirror: Part 1 – Smart Mirror Proof of Concept

This is part one of our latest home automation project. We all check ourselves in the mirror on our way out of our home. What if, in addition to showing us our appearance, the mirror also showed us some important information about the world into Continue reading Magic Mirror: Part 1 – Smart Mirror Proof of Concept

Arduino Thermostat: Part 1 – Introduction

Our first major foray into home automation is an Arduino-controlled, Internet-connected thermostat for our apartment. Our HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit doesn’t have a connection for an external thermostat, so we couldn’t just Continue reading Arduino Thermostat: Part 1 – Introduction

IKEA Hack: Sunken Succulent Lack Table Garden

We are very excited about our latest project which is a practical and eye-pleasing addition to our new apartment. It combines a number of our interests: recycling, gardening, home improvement, and doing it ourselves! It’s moving season and we found a set of discarded IKEA Lack side tables. Here is Mimi modeling one of them. They’re a little Continue reading IKEA Hack: Sunken Succulent Lack Table Garden