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Spiral Jetty

You may or may not be familiar with this iconic earthwork… it is the spectacular Spiral Jetty! After the great American artist Robert Smithson became disenchanted with galleries which he called “mausoleums for art,” he challenged the traditional notions of contemporary art, becoming a pioneer of land art and moving his work to the great outdoors.  Spiral Jetty is arguably his most famous site-specific piece. Constructed in 1970, it’s an impressive counterclockwise coil jutting into the water of the Rozel Point Peninsula. Almost 50 years after it was constructed, we ventured to the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake in the state of Utah so that we could Continue reading Spiral Jetty

Firsthand Beginner’s Guide to Camping

As we embarked on outdoors excursions over the years, we’ve wondered how fun camping would be! We finally had the chance when we set out on a desert road trip across Texas to Louisiana! While camping is a simple affair for many, we had no experience with it and there was/is a learning curve! Here is what we find out on our first front-country camping adventure… Continue reading Firsthand Beginner’s Guide to Camping

Acadia National Park

In continuation of our zeal to see as many National Park Service sites as possible (and building upon our cancellation stamp and map pins collections) combined with our efforts in getting-to-know our new Yankee home base, we made the short trek up the coast to spectacular Acadia National Park! With superlatives including the only national park in New England and the oldest one east of the Mississippi River, Acadia certainly did not disappoint and is now near the top of our list of all-time favorite National Park Service sites! The breathtakingly diverse Acadia National Park comprises magnificent  Continue reading Acadia National Park

Nauset Light

On a crisp May day, we and our good friends, Matt and Jocelyn, made a trek down to Cape Cod, or “the Cape,” as native Massachusettsans call it. In the tradition of the great American essayist Thoreau, the Cape is frequently described as an arm extending from the southeast corner of Massachusetts: 

“Cape Cod is the bared and bended arm of Massachusetts. The shoulder is at Buzzard’s Bay; the elbow at Cape Mallebarre; the wrist at Truro; and the sandy fist at Provincetown.”
-Henry David Thoreau

Our final stop was in the forearm of the Cape where, much to our surprise and delight, we came across a vaguely familiar red and white lighthouse! Do you recognize this national icon? Continue reading Nauset Light

Adventures at World’s End

We finally ventured to the world’s end… that being World’s End in Hingham, Massachusetts, of course. It is one of spectacular natural parks of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.  Only 15 miles out of Boston, we discovered 250 acres of other-worldly coastscapes, including Continue reading Adventures at World’s End

Advance Screening: Captain America: Civil War

Exciting things happen when you wander around New York City and, yesterday, one of those things happened to me! I was running errands around the city when a promotion team stopped me (admittedly, when my face was down in my phone) to hand me a ticket to a special advance screening to the newest film  from Continue reading Advance Screening: Captain America: Civil War