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Kathy’s Mom

Huê (Mẹ), AKA “Whitney” or “Way”

No one loves his or her mom more than Tom-Vinh and I do. She sacrificed tremendously for us and taught us everything we know about life. If you know her or us, you know what a beautiful soul and inspiration she was. My mom, my brother, and I have always stuck together. We have been through many hard times but that has only brought us closer to each other and to our faith. Tom-Vinh and I miss our mom more than words can say, but we know she still watches over us. Her impact still lives on in Continue reading Kathy’s Mom

Our Family

Both of us are very blessed to have loving, supporting family. They are most important to us. The square images below are links. We are still working on creating some pages. We invite you to click on these to learn more about our loved ones:

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  • Silas’ parents
  • Yves
  • April
  • Bucci
  • Mimi
  • Hampoo