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3D Origami

My mom mastered the skill of 3D or modular origami, in which multiple small rectangles are folded into tiny triangles, then assembled into sculpture. She self-taught herself the techniques from YouTube videos and her own experience. Each sculpture can require hundreds of pieces, depending on the size and pattern. All paper you see is recycled (my mom did not like to waste). Almost all were created free-handedly from Continue reading 3D Origami

Crocheted Plastic Bag Purses

My mom, Hue, loves to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” She added her magnificent creativity to that motto and this project was born. My mom collects plastic grocery bags from our shopping trips. Soon her friends were saving bags for her too! She refuses to use new bags and only utilizes recycled and used bags. She folds and cuts the grocery bags into thin strips, then links and crochets them together. The results are beautiful, sturdy, one-of-a-kind purses. The number of bags required per project is variable, usually well over 100. Each pattern is unique, created in her head. Fun fact is that Continue reading Crocheted Plastic Bag Purses

3D Origami: Part 1 – Fold the Component Pieces

3D Origami: Introduction
3D Origami: Part 1 – Fold the Component Pieces
3D Origami: Part 2 – Make a Ring Base
3D Origami: Part 3 – Coming Soon!


My initial familiarity with origami was a single paper square folded into typical figures such as cranes, fortune tellers, and jumping frogs. In actuality, origami is a diverse art form and there are many types. For example, 3D origami, also known as modular or unit origami, uses identical component folded papers that are assembled into a more complex structure. Continue reading 3D Origami: Part 1 – Fold the Component Pieces

Arts & Crafts

Here are some of the arts and crafts that Kathy May and Silas have produced over the years. Note their photographs are filed separately under “Photography.”

2D Art: Kathy’s two-dimensional art includes graphite, pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, watercolor paint, acrylic, charcoal, and pastel.

3D Art: Kathy has dabbled in clay sculpture.  See some of her experiments here.

3D Origami: Kathy’s mom, Hue,  taught her the art of modular origami. These are some of their creations.

IMG_2190 - Copy
Paper flowers: Kathy’s mom, Hue, also taught her the art of paper flowers, and Kathy has further developed the techniques.

Kathy’s mom, Hue, taught her how to make the paper flowers and 3D origami in the links above. See below for some of Hue’s other crafts. Additionally, come back soon to see albums of the artwork, woodworking, and other projects that Kathy’s brother, Tom-Vinh, has created!

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