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Firsthand Beginner’s Guide to Camping

As we embarked on outdoors excursions over the years, we’ve wondered how fun camping would be! We finally had the chance when we set out on a desert road trip across Texas to Louisiana! While camping is a simple affair for many, we had no experience with it and there was/is a learning curve! Here is what we find out on our first front-country camping adventure… Continue reading Firsthand Beginner’s Guide to Camping

Nauset Light

On a crisp May day, we and our good friends, Matt and Jocelyn, made a trek down to Cape Cod, or “the Cape,” as native Massachusettsans call it. In the tradition of the great American essayist Thoreau, the Cape is frequently described as an arm extending from the southeast corner of Massachusetts: 

“Cape Cod is the bared and bended arm of Massachusetts. The shoulder is at Buzzard’s Bay; the elbow at Cape Mallebarre; the wrist at Truro; and the sandy fist at Provincetown.”
-Henry David Thoreau

Our final stop was in the forearm of the Cape where, much to our surprise and delight, we came across a vaguely familiar red and white lighthouse! Do you recognize this national icon? Continue reading Nauset Light

Laser-Cut Lunar New Year Rooster Cards

Happy Lunar New Year! Year 2017 is the Year of the Rooster! To welcome in the Lunar New Year (called Tết in Việt and 新年 in Chinese), we made Rooster greeting cards to fill red envelopes (called lì xì in Vietnamese, hong bao in Mandarin, lai see in Cantonese). In our cultures, these red envelopes represent good luck and are distributed to children and unmarried individuals. We deviated from tradition in that Continue reading Laser-Cut Lunar New Year Rooster Cards

Pysanky: Part 1 – Our First Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Update: Click here to see “Part 2 – Materials list for making Ukrainian Easter eggs” in which we go over the tools and materials needed for this traditional craft.

The Eastern European tradition of creating pysanky (singular pysanka) is generations old with historical and religious undertones. Amazingly, these impressively intricate and magnificently ornate pieces of folk art are created by dyeing the egg, not by painting. Obviously, pysanky takes your typical childhood Easter egg dyeing session to the next level… This Easter season, we made our own versions with Continue reading Pysanky: Part 1 – Our First Ukrainian Easter Eggs

FIRST Robotics Competition 2016: NYC Regional

We attended the For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology (FIRST) Robotics Competition this weekend at the Javits Center with our good friends Matt, Jocelyn, and Yuri. In this challenge, high school-aged students from all over the world have six weeks to design, build, and program stellar robots and then bring them to competition. The New York City Regional featured 200 teams from the New York tri-state area, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Turkey, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Winners at this level advance to the global competition. Continue reading FIRST Robotics Competition 2016: NYC Regional