Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Since June 2015, Silas and I have had the pleasure of indulging in community-supported agriculture (CSA) foods. Prior to that, I was not familiar with the idea. In a CSA, the consumer’s funds go directly into the farmer’s cost to run and maintain the farm, which is usually a smaller scale operation. Because risks such as bad weather are shared between farmer and consumer, the farmer is less reliant on banks and loans and can instead devote more effort in producing quality goods. In return, the consumer gets produce that is ultra-fresh and in-season. Furthermore, because the farms are local (in our case, within 350 miles of NYC), less cost and waste goes into food distribution. It’s an economically and environmentally sustainable model!

On the individual experience, each week Silas and I get produce that’s hugely diverse. Much of it includes foods we would not ordinarily purchase or foods we’ve never even encountered! It has provided us with culinary experiments and adventures. Here are our delicious and healthy options so far…

Keep an eye out for future blog posts! We plan to share our future CSA boxes with you and maybe even some of the dishes that come out of them. 🙂

Happy and healthy eating,
Kathy May and Silas

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