Silas’ Professional Portraits from NYU

NYU Langone Medical Center is revamping its website, and Silas was recently invited to sit for professional portraits which will be featured in NYU’s promotional materials. A contracted agency set up atemporary photography studio in the basement of Greenberg Hall.


The temporary portrait studio was fully staffed and was complete with a backdrop, studio lights, a photo-processing station, and even a stylist and makeup artist. Silas got a touchup before his shoot.


First, the assistant took Silas’ data and the studio lights were adjusted.


Then, the photographer captured images of Silas in a number of poses.


When the photographer had captured a sufficient number and quality of images, we moved to the photo-processing area where a technician reviewed the images. Here are the final five images that we selected:


Please click here to view Silas’ NYU page, now with a handsome new image featured!

Until next time,
Kathy May

2 thoughts on “Silas’ Professional Portraits from NYU”

  1. Awesome !
    The middle three wearing glasses looked more professional than the side ones.
    Now it’s MEE’s turn ….. can’t wait !

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