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Kathy May’s Medical Illustrations Published in a Retina Paper

This publication is not the first to feature Kathy May’s medical knowledge but it is the first to feature her medical illustration! Take a look at this surgical technique paper by the one and only Ken Wald, written along with Joe Tseng, Jane Myung, and Alex Dillon that was published in Retina, the premier scientific publication for retina specialists. The paper describes Continue reading Kathy May’s Medical Illustrations Published in a Retina Paper

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Welcome to Our Website!

We are Kathy May and Silas, a couple of normal folk temporarily located in Boston. We hand-coded our individual personal websites since our college years, but decided to combine them as www.kathymayandsilas.com in 2008. In 2016, our website underwent a major overhaul to what you see today! In addition to amateur web design, we also share a number of other hobbies and interests, including but not limited to photography, electronics, arts and crafts, exploring, volunteerism, healthcare, and experiencing new things in general! Most of all, we enjoy doing these things together!

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