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Kathy May’s Medical Illustrations Published in a Retina Paper

This publication is not the first to feature Kathy May’s medical knowledge but it is the first to feature her medical illustration! Take a look at this surgical technique paper by the one and only Ken Wald, written along with Joe Tseng, Jane Myung, and Alex Dillon that was published in Retina, the premier scientific publication for retina specialists. The paper describes Continue reading Kathy May’s Medical Illustrations Published in a Retina Paper

Clinical Correlations Publishes Kathy May’s Essay “By Any Other Name”


During her internal medicine clerkship, Kathy reflected upon the use of eponyms in the medical lexicon after meeting a patient with de Quervain’s thyroiditis, a condition named after the physician pictured above. Her essay, entitled “By Any Other Name,” won Continue reading Clinical Correlations Publishes Kathy May’s Essay “By Any Other Name”

“The Bittersweetness of Medical School Match Day”

By Kathy May Tran

Click here to view this article published on MOGUL, an online publishing platform for women.

Click here to view this article published on KevinMD.com, a health blog for physicians about all things medical.

Friday was Match Day.

At 12 noon EST, medical students all over the United States simultaneously opened envelopes which revealed the destination of their residency training. The tradition is an exhilarating and emotional event for everyone involved. For medical students, it is a milestone that symbolizes a dramatic life change and a new adventure. It marks the culmination of years of hard work, the end of one thing and the beginning of another. For me, Match Day was an opportunity to reflect upon the difficulty of my medical school years and how those struggles changed my professional and personal life for the better. Continue reading “The Bittersweetness of Medical School Match Day”

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